Import Your Photos to the Computer

Connect your camera

Use a cable or card reader to move your photos to the computer

Import to iPhoto

  1. If iPhoto doesn't open automatically, open it
  2. Click 'Import.'

Make an album

  1. Give your album a name, like 'Jake's Movie'
  2. Move all your photos into that album

Back up your photos

If you have a back up hard drive or jump drive, now would be a good time to back up your photos, in case something happens.
We'll do this in the workshop, because the computers will be used by lots of other people before we meet again!

Add Photo Effects - optional!

You can add effects to individual photos by drawing right on them! Sometimes, you'll make copies of the photo and draw the effects a little differently each time, so they also 'animate' when you put the photos together.
This is optional, and takes time! Maybe try this at home on a different project.
If you're a Mac user, ask me about Skitch!

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