Adding Sounds in iMovie

In iMovie, you can add sounds by recording them, or by using sounds that come with iMovie, or by importing sounds you find other places, like on the web.

Record a Sound:

Use recorded sounds for voices or for your own creative sound effects!
  1. Start by clicking the 'Audio' tab in the upper right of the iMovie screen.
  2. Move the marker where you want the sound to start. Click the 'record' button and start talking (or making your sound effect). Click again to stop recording.
    Step 2
  3. Your sound will appear as a purple rectangle below your image clips. You can click it and drag it to move it to another spot, click and hit 'delete' to erase it, or even click it and copy and paste it some place else.
    Step 3
  4. Save your work!

Use a Built-in Sound

iMovie comes with many built-in sounds and sound effects, or you can use sounds from iTunes or Garage Band.
To use a built-in sound,
Using a built-in sound