Get Started

Get an Idea

  1. Come up with a story or just a funny scene where things do unexpected things - a dancing sock?
  2. Retell a scene from a favorite movie or book -- as long as you don't claim you made up the story in the first place!
  3. Just animate something for fun - magnetic letters on a refrigerator?
  4. Think a little about scenes and camera angles -

Gather Supplies

  1. Characters - anything goes. Since you're moving the objects, you can use clay, Legos, other toys, paper clips, magnets, just about anything at all.
  2. Props - same goes for props - just think about what you need to help move your story along
  3. Scenes - use a black sheet for 'outer space' -- use a large sheet or butcher paper and leave it plain or paint a scene -- find a cool spot outdoors -- build a set out of Lego base plates -- or, don't worry about it, and just get started!

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