Start Your iMovie

1. Open iMovie

iMovie_icon.jpgLook for iMovie HD in the dock. If iMovie HD is not in the dock, look for it in the Applications folder. Double-click iMovie HD to open it.

2. Go to File & choose 'New...'


3. Choose 'New iMovie Project'


4. Save your movie

Include your name or initials in the name! Choose where to save your movie (the Desktop is fine if you'll move it to a jump drive later!). Click 'Create.'

5. Look around

Your iMovie screen has several areas, or 'panes.' You'll see your movie as you build it, in the preview pane. You'll arrange your images, sounds, titles and effects in the timeline, across the bottom. Your current tools or resouces show in the tools area, next to the preview pane. You'll choose those tools by clicking the buttons just below the tools (shown in the green box, below):

6. Find your album

Below the tool pane, click the Media button, then above it, click Photos. Choose iPhoto from the top half of the pane, then choose your album from the bottom half.

7. Set the timing

Click Photo

8. Drag your photos to the timeline

Select all the photos you want to add (or type Command/Apple + A to select all of them in your album), then drag them to your timeline. It might take some time for all the pictures to load!

9. Adjust the timing

In the tool area, choose Editing, then choose FX. (more...)

10. SAVE!

Apple + S is the quick way to save. Do this whenever you've done something you like or are about to try something you're not sure about!

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